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Hi. I'm Duncan. I work here at the Andromeda Ritz, have for a couple of years now. It's a pretty sweet gig, really. Most of the guests here are cool, and I like taking care of them. The perks go both ways, if you get my drift.

I like long walks on the beach (but there's no damn beach here, it's a spaceport in case you hadn't noticed), sunsets (ditto), and unusual romantic interludes (luckily THOSE can be found about every ten feet in this dump).

My favorite color is whatever your eyes happen to be, handsome. My hobbies include trying one of every drink on the menu at the Comet's Tail, and I should finish that in another year or so. I can only handle a few dozen drinks at a time so it's taking a while. I also enjoy extreme kama-sutra sports, singing duets in the shower, and breakfast in bed.

My damn boss thinks I've got a one track mind, but as you can plainly see, my interests are quite varied!

Now, what are you doing hanging about in my personal journal? All the REAL action's over here. See you there!

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